Xtool PS2 GDS Professional Auto Diagnostic Tool

R 12,500.00 R 15,000.00

Highlights: 100% Original XTOOL Scanner, Dealer Code: XTOOLEN Multi-Languages: English, German, Turkish, Russian With built-in printer, can print out diagnostic results easily. Support free update online & Bluetooth connection. With 8 inches true colour TFT...

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  1. 100% Original XTOOL Scanner, Dealer Code: XTOOLEN
  2. Multi-Languages: English, German, Turkish, Russian
  3. With built-in printer, can print out diagnostic results easily.
  4. Support free update online & Bluetooth connection.
  5. With 8 inches true colour TFT touch screen, 800*600 with LED back-light.
  6. Supports special function like reset oil service light, oil inspection, service mileage, service intervals and airbag


 PS2 GDS car scanner is a main product of Xtooltech Co. Ltd. PS2 GDS cars scanner is best scanner tool for car workshop and car service centre.


  1. Faster diagnostics operation system: equipment leading the ARM chip.
  2. Fast and stable system applications: advanced and comprehensive diagnostic software management platform.
  3. 8-inch high resolution touch screen, colour fidelity, visual and more comfortable operation.
  4. Built-in high-performance, overvoltage protection circuit, to improve product reliability.
  5. Storage and playback of test data and pictures
  6. Bluetooth VCI Diagnostic box: Host and run independently of the VCI box, built-in Bluetooth module, the wireless communication. Supports both wired communications, the use of flexible.
  7. Unique VCI self-test function.
  8. On-board mini printer. Print out the diagnosis result and show to your customer right way without bothering to connect to PC.
  9. Frequent update via Internet.


  1. Auto key programming/immobilizer
  2. Oil reset
  3. Reads /erases fault codes
  4. Scans engine
  5. Turns off service lights
  6. Scans auto transmission
  7. Turns off SRS airbag lights
  8. Turns off ABS lights
  9. Live data stream