VIECAR Automobile Diagnostic Expert

R 700.00 R 850.00

VIECAR Automobile Diagnostic Expert 1.Product Name: Viecar ELM327 V2.2 VP001/VP002/VP003/VP0042.Connection method:VP001(Bluetooth 4.0)VP002(WIFI)VP003(Bluetooth 4.0+Type-C)VP004(WIFI+Type-C)3.Supported systems:Android/IOS,PC need with Type-C4.Firmware Version:V2.2(better than V1.5/V2.1)5.Support systems:Android:Vicar/Torque/Dash Command/Auto DoctorIOS:Vicar/Auto Doctor/Dashcommand/EOBDWindows:ScanMaster1.Android password:a1234562.IOS don't need password3.PC:WWW.ELM327.COMSupported Vehicle Data:1.Read...

VIECAR Automobile Diagnostic Expert

1.Product Name: Viecar ELM327 V2.2 VP001/VP002/VP003/VP004
2.Connection method:
VP001(Bluetooth 4.0)
VP003(Bluetooth 4.0+Type-C)
3.Supported systems:Android/IOS,PC need with Type-C
4.Firmware Version:V2.2(better than V1.5/V2.1)
5.Support systems:
Android:Vicar/Torque/Dash Command/Auto Doctor
IOS:Vicar/Auto Doctor/Dashcommand/EOBD

1.Android password:a123456
2.IOS don't need password

Supported Vehicle Data:
1.Read error diagnostic code
2.Clear the fault code (clear the error code and turn off MIL)
3.Engine revolutions per minute (RPM)
4.Calculated load value
5.Coolant temperature
6.Fuel system status
8.Short-term fuel situation
9.Long-term fuel situation
10.Intake manifold pressure
11.Fuel injection advance time
12.Intake air temperature
13.Air flow rate
14.Throttle absolute position
15.Oxygen detection voltage associated with short-term fuel state
16.Fuel system status
17.Fuel pressure
18.Fuel consumption monitoring, etc.