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iProg+ Pro Auto Key Programmer Odometer Tool

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Original price R 5,000.00
Current price R 4,800.00

Prog Pro Programmer Function List:

Please don/'t power up IPROG by additional 12V Power.

IPROG Language: Russian + English (not full English) 

Iprog+ Pro Car Key Programmer Odometer Correction Airbag Reset Tool

The best programmer  iprog Pro is  designed to work with automotive microelectronics:

Working with odometers on OBDII connector only for honda

Working with odometers on the table through adapters

Work with multimedia unlocking the tape recorder

Work with keys (IMMO, Transponders), copying, preparation, unlocking

Work with IMMO-Key Auto dumps

Working with the airbag computer, deleting crash data

Transfer readings from miles to km

Read and write processors and its used in cars

Removing the particulate filter in the dump

Working with keys to the intercom

Realign Pin cod from dump (some brands)

Control board number, + scripts full Base number. Ability to update!

All adapters are tested for performance!

8 Main Functions of IPROG PRO PLUS

1.Adapters test
Iprog+ Programmer Adapters test
2.Airbag reset
Iprog+ Programmer Airbag reset
Iprog+ Programmer DPF OFF
Iprog+ Programmer EEPROM
Iprog+ Programmer IMMO
6.Key programmer
Iprog+ Programmer Key programming Function
Iprog+ Programmer MCU
8.Mileage correction
Iprog+ Programmer Mileage correction
Iprog+ Programmer PIN ABS

Manufacturer tips:

Do not use OBD2 to connect to the car
12V and 24V will not work (if you try it, it will give a burnt smell)
Must be linked to a computer
OBD2 line can only be connected to HONDA car
Other vehicle connections will burn Iprog equipment