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Gold Delphi DS155e Bluetooth Auto Diagnostic Tool

Save 6%
Original price R 1,700.00
Current price R 1,599.99

Gold Delphi Highlights:

  1. Newest 2015 R3 software with keygen;
  2. A quality green PCB board with NEC Chip.
  3. It is a quick and reliable diagnostic tool serving as a link between vehicle and computer. It works on both old and new vehicles.

Gold Delphi Diagnostic equipment can perform the following tasks:

  1. Read & Erase Fault Codes & SLR All Systems.
  2. Look at Live Data, graphing and saving of live data.
  3. Component Activation.
  4. ECU Coding / Parameter Adjustments / Component Configuration.
  5. Intelligent System Scan – complete scan of all ECU / ECM’s.
  6. Full Vehicle Information tree.
  7. Service Light Reset and Service Interval Reset.

Package list:

1 X Gold Delphi DS155e diagnostic unit

1 X 2015. R3 Software

1 X USB cable