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Delphi DS150e Bluetooth Auto Diagnostic Tool

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Original price R 1,700.00
Current price R 1,499.99

Delphi DS150e Bluetooth Auto Diagnostic Tool has FULL SYSTEM COVERAGE FOR BMW, VAG, Ford, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Vauxhall, Rover, Fiat, Volvo, Mazda, Mercedes, Smart, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, Hyundai, Alfa Romeo, Honda, Kia, Mitsubishi, Saab….and more!

Delphi DS150e Diagnostic equipment can perform the following tasks:
1. Read & Erase Fault Codes & SLR All Systems.
2. Look at Live Data, graphing and saving of live data.
3. Component Activation.
4. ECU Coding / Parameter Adjustments / Component Configuration.
5. Intelligent System Scan – complete scan of all ECU / ECM’s.
6. Full Vehicle Information tree.
7. Service Light Reset and Service Interval Reset.

Package list:
1 X DS150e diagnostic unit – with 16 PIN OBD2 Plug
1 X 2014.R3 Software
1 X USB cable